An Overview of the Different Types of Vapes

An Overview of the Different Types of Vapes

A vape refers to any type of electronic device that produces vapors. The most common vaporizers are the inhaler type, which requires a needle to be inserted into the mouth and inhaled through the lungs. Some vaporizers are applied directly to the skin. The application method of the vaporizer dictates the amount of vapor produced. A disposable Vaporizer pen has an internal electric battery, a non-rechargeable coil, and a pre-loaded flavorful liquid from which to inhale.

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Refillable & disposable:

The majority of vape sold on the market are refillable and disposable. Most vaporizers that are used for smoking require a cartridge or wick to be replaced regularly, usually every month. An individual who does not replace their Vaporizer cartridge or wick every month may find that they have little or no vapor production during an intense bout of smoking. Some vaporizers are designed to accommodate two cartridges at a time; however, a user should not expect to enjoy constant vapor production using this type of Vaporizer. Replacement cartridges can also be more expensive than an equivalent size of pre-loaded wick and cartridge.

Personal consumption device:

A lot of vaporizers can be classified as direct personal consumer devices. Direct vapes are designed to be smoked in an individual’s mouth, without inhaling from another person or using a vaporizer. These types of vapes are very similar to inhalers. Many individuals, who start smoking highballs, bubble blowers, or other small vapes, find that they can only achieve a limited amount of inhaling before the vapor casing becomes clogged or deformed.

Convection vapes:

Convection vapes are designed to give the user a steady stream of vapor to take away the cravings of traditional cigarettes. Convection vapes can vary dramatically in design, but all are made with one main objective in mind – to produce slow, yet consistent streams of smoke. This is different than an electronic cigarette because most electronic cigarettes have a complex system of heaters, fans, batteries, etc. which creates a fluctuating and sometimes random stream of smoke. 

Ceramic vapes:

Convection vapes are not the only type of vaporizer. Ceramic vapes are a newer innovation in the world of Convection Vapes and come in many unique shapes and sizes. These devices have an integrated heating element that heats the ceramic material to an appropriate temperature where it will begin to thermally expand and turn into vapor. 

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