What Causes A Delay In Visa Processing?

What Causes A Delay In Visa Processing?

One of the most frustrating things you may face is a delay in your visa. There could be several reasons for these delays, but the backlog of applications is the most painful reason. It can be frustrating for students, families, and the host country. They can reduce student mobility, and international students may seek alternate destinations. Some countries offer visa processing times that are much shorter and have higher approval rates. However, you can reduce this hassle by hiring the best Canada immigration consultants in UAE.

Backlog of applications:

Canadian officials say the current backlog of applications has doubled in the last two years. Now, 2.1 million people are awaiting decisions on their applications. This includes applicants seeking citizenship, permanent or temporary residence, and international students and graduates. Minister of Immigration, refugees, and citizenship has called on government officials to speed up visa processing. 

TCN security review:

Some people wonder if a TCN security review delays the visa process. This can happen when the applicant has a history of using technologies on the Technology Alert List. While this is a small minority of applicants, it is still possible for a TCN security review to delay the visa process. Applicants who are aware of this can prepare accordingly. They should apply early. Applicants who have already been cleared may not need a TCN security review if they reapply later.

Immigration backlog:

While the Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently announced new actions to reduce the backlog, the delays are still significant and continue negatively impacting individuals, families, employers, and the entire immigration system. Delays in approving work authorization documents have left many unemployed and unable to find work in the country. Moreover, the backlog continues to worsen due to outdated technology.

Completeness of applications:

Delays in visa processing can be caused by several factors, including the completeness of an applicant’s application. These factors can affect the decision-making process of the Home Office, causing significant prejudice. In addition, delays in processing applications can hurt the applicant’s health and mental well-being. Since time is of the essence for most applications, the government recommends that applicants should not book their travel before submitting their visa applications. These are some common reasons that can delay the visa process.